Yorshire Terrier Yorkie

I know. I know. THIS is a Working BIG Dog Site and Yorkies are Tiny Dogs....but...


It took a while to get over the death of my constant companion, my Cocker Spainel, Joy, before I even thought about getting another 'small dog'. As they say, "time heals"....I am not sure it did. For me? It seemed to get worse. I was fine for the first couple of years, it was AFTER that, it seemed that I was feeling a bit lost without her.

I did my research and decided I wanted a Yorkshire Terrier, female....of course. I bought older books, studied up on the Standard of the Breed, to know what I was looking for in those Tiny Dogs....and then, it took over 7 months to find the one I was looking for.

I wanted a tiny dog, less than 10 pounds, to fit inside my Bicycle Basket. I wanted to see BOTH PARENTS of the puppy I was buying...something that is not easy, oddly enough, to do in Today's World.

More coming soon....

The contents of this page for Yorshire Terrier Yorkie is still under construction. Please check back later!

-- The Working Big Dogs Team
Fri, 14 Feb 2020 09:57:06 -0500

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