Barrel Racing Dogs

Frankie Introducted to the Barrels

BARREL RACING DOGS! Dogs racing or running a three barrel pattern for fun and in competition. The pattern is set up just like the Horse Barrel Racing Pattern, only for dogs the barrels are set closer and are smaller. Many people use upside down buckets, trash cans and for really small dogs, cans that food comes in. Small dogs barrels are set closer then larger dogs barrels.

Please note that we have set up a WEBSITE for Barrel Racing Dogs, see sister sites under the menu. Thanks!

It is a new site and we will be adding to it, well, probably like this and our other sites, often, frequently. Come have a look at how you might train your dog, rules, saddles and riders, how to set up your barrels and what you might use for barrels, and more. Dogs Barrel Racing is NOT Rocket Science, but you might want to learn more and compete!

Any breed or mixed breed dog can run barrels and have a great time. Little bitty dogs to giant dogs. Hunting dogs, Sled Dogs, Conformational Show Dogs, shake it up for the dogs, give them another fun easy sport where they can all out run and turn and get praised for a run well done. Barrel Racing for your dog is a great cross training sport. Dogs love being with their owners and having something to do, a job. Working dogs as well as pets need to exercise and run, barrel racing is a great way to channel that energy and have a great time.

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Here's the video that got me hooked on this new, up and coming sport!

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