English Shepherds

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I can not say enough good things about these dogs. We have only had two. But everyone that has this breed that we have talked to says the same thing we do....great dogs, hard working dogs, smart dogs, easy dogs.

We got our English Shepherds from friends in WI that had really nice working English Shepherd Dogs. They were able to tell us all about them as well as answer any questions we had as we raised ours.

We had actually got the male, unfortunately there was a farm accident and at 10 weeks old he was penned under a Hay Trailer. Deron acted quickly and did revive him. Deron worked with Midas everyday, moving his body and helping Midas eat, as well as Deron holding Midas as he went potty, and brought Midas around to about 87%. When this happened we hurried and called the breeder and asked if they had any left. they understood what had happened since they too live on a Farm with many animals and equipment. They had two females left. We picked on out as quickly as we could get to them. And we brought home Raya.

Raya is such a good dog and a wonderful Farm Dog we gave her a page of her own on another of our websites www.faroutliving.com She really is "all that". We know one day we will have to replace her, dogs do not live forever, and we worry we might never have another dog that is such a good Farm Dog. She looks over our animals, we saw her chase off a Bob Cat one day, she keeps the place safe while we are away, and most of all, when people come, she keeps them at Bay until we tell her it is ok. Once we tell her that, she is fine with them.

My question is, Why is this breed not more popular? Why don't more people own this breed of dog?

much more to come

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-- The Working Big Dogs Team
Mon, 15 Jul 2013 11:40:07 -0400

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