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When I started making items for my own ratties, people started telling me I should be making them to sell. What that means to you is that all of our items are rat tested and approved. I double stitch (at least double) where the weaker parts of items used need more strength. I use safe for rattie supplies while putting our sale items together.

This item was inspired and designed by my watching my own ratties (as were most of my items). Ratties love to hide and sleep and receive treats in the hood of my husbands sweatshirt....now? They love the Rattie Caddy's I make and wear for them. I make these out of polar fleece, cotton blend prints and other fabrics. Added bonus? Yes, the polar fleece also keep the humans warm in the winter.Marna, Sweety and LaRue peeking out

I have also found that if I set a rattie, that pees, on top of the Rattie Caddy while on my shoulder, my clo9thing will stay more dry.

I have been told by more then one person that Rattie Caddies are wonderful for orphaned ratties as well as for bonding with new or very young rats.

This item is made to fit most people Rattie Caddy in a cute little race car Print. It will hold one or more ratties while they sleep, eat or play in it as you wear this around your neck. This item goes on over your head and will sit around your neck. You will stay warmer and your ratties will love to play and sleep within.

The Rattie Caddy is hand or machine washable, hang or use machine dry.

Please Note: Our items are nonreturnable and not refundable. If there is a problem with craftsmanship we will be happy to replace the item. This item is new and has never been used by any animals. No animals have used or been around these items.

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