Sled Dog Collectables

Deron and I collect many things. One of our favorite collections are the items we have that are sled dog related. We have all sorts of items and toys. I have jewerly and postal and rubber stamps with sled dogs. I collect live/real dog sleds too. Our Christmas Tree ornaments are all sled dog related. I have collected sled dog training books, books on sled dog stories, and Northern Breed dogs books for years. Check back and we should have some pictures of some of our items uploaded that I keep walking by, or looking up at thinking "I need to get photos of that for the webite". LOL

musher egg2 2006-03-31.jpg musher egg1 2006-03-31.jpg
This was a birthday present from a musher friend. She free hand painted the ceramic egg with a different dog team on each side. She also made the rabbit egg holder that the egg came in. My birday is near Easter most years.

Maybe, just maybe LOL I could get her to make a new for me one each year!! Different colors, different scenes!! hhhhmmmm????

christmaswreath 2005-12-06.jpg
This is the second Christmas wreath I have bought with the musher theme. A friend of mine makes these and other types sell them before Christams. The last one I bought we took the wooden musher with the dogs off the wreath and hung them over our door. This year I bought a "fake" wreath and will be moving the decorations on to it.

I have all kinds of sled dog jewerly. Here are a few pairs of my earrings. The two pairs of leather earring I made myself.

dogwatches 2006-04-13.jpg
These are two of my watches and a few charms I wear on necklaces.

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